At Cove FC we approach development and production of all of our films and series from a value-add position as it relates to the future expansion of Cove projects within that genre. In layman’s terms we don’t develop a project unless that project fits within a 3 project model where each project within the package adds value to the others and thus creating a value-add proposition that is more than the sum of its parts and allows us to immediately capitalize on any one success. 

NON-sequential tiers

While it is easy to assume that a 3 project package is built around a traditional trilogy model that is decidedly not the case. In the case of Cove FC’s tiered development no film or show that builds off the world of a current show would be considered a “package” project as it rights would be tied to the established distribution partner. 

Contrary to the trilogy model our tiered development allows for the shopping of projects that are built of the style and tone of successful projects but that are free to be shopped to all distribution platforms and partners. 


The foundational element of the Cove FC development model is the creation of fully owned and controlled budget conscious scripts that take into account budgetary production constraints at the script level . 

By internally developing all project Cove maintains creative control, ownership and flexibility across all projects and can easily adjust to meet distributor & audience demands. 



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